Setting the license

Setting a license of Isolator++ Professional requires internet connection. 

After registering with your Name and Email a license key will be sent shortly after to your Email. 


There are two ways to activate your license. After installation of Isolator++ Professional is done, the configuration tool will pop up:

If the window above did not show up, please look for the Configuration tool in the installation folder, usually located at: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Typemock\Isolator++\IsolatorConfiguration.exe"


  • Click on the link attached to the Email which will automatically set and verify the license on your computer.
  • If you haven’t verified the email by the link mentioned above, enter the email you registered with and the license key you received by email.


Click Activate


Setting the license via Command Line

You can run IsolatorConfiguration.exe from the command line with the following flags:


IsolatorConfiguration.exe --company <company_name> --key <license_key>


Running the Examples 

The examples that are provided with Isolator++ Professional are usually located at 

C:\Users\<pc_name>\Documents\Isolator++ Examples


Running the examples with MSTest runner would look like the following: