Setting the license 

To set up the license run the IsolatorConfigurator from the /usr/share/typemock directory

Read the EULA and accept it.

After accepting the EULA, enter the Company and License key received from Typemock.


To set logging, see Diagnostics and Logging.


Using 'typemock.ini' from a different location:


The location of the file is specified by environment variable IPP_CONF_FILE. Default location is set to /usr/share/typemock.



Automating license setting


You can run IsolatorConfigurator with the following flags to automate the license setting:


Running the Examples

In order to run the examples that are provided with Isolator++, please go to the following folder:



Then execute the following commands:



Then go to:




export LD_BIND_NOW=1



You should get the following output: